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If you weren’t a huge streamer pre-quarantine, you’ve definitely warmed up to it by now. With so much time now spent at home (and in PJs), Netflix and Chill has emerged as the go-to activity of the year. Streaming services have reported some of their highest earnings and largest subscription numbers ever, and the amount of content to scroll through seems never-ending. So never-ending, in fact, that some researchers have begun categorizing this specific feeling of exhaustion as “Subscription Fatigue.”  With so much programming, across so many platforms, it can feel overwhelming. But whether it’s on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, or Disney+, we know we don’t want to stop watching. Thankfully, the tech gods have been busy at work. Below we’ve compiled a few services that make streaming across platforms as easy as possible, so all you have to worry about is making the popcorn. 


ROKU (starting at $29.99)

Available on

One of the first and most popular solutions to Streaming Fatigue is Roku. This little device pairs with your TV and turns it into a large-scale personal device, populated exclusively by your favorite streaming platforms. Everything from Love Island, to Agnes Verda’s early films can be found and accessed on your silver screen. The remote is easy to use and comfortable to hold. Roku also has its own streaming service, and has the option to add cable. But what’s cable? You have a Roku.

Screenhits TV (Free/month)

Available on

I hate buffets (bare with me). You pass by something that looks good, but wanna check out the whole spread. Of course, nothing looks good, so you turn around for your first option, but now you can’t find it. This happens to me all the time with content streaming. I hate it. Luckily, Screenhits TV ($2.62/month), a new app, hates it too! This app allows you to search and stream through all your subscriptions at once. Even though it’s still in the process of launching, it already boasts partnerships with Disney+, AmazonPrime, STARZ, and Netflix. Now you can find your favorite movies and tv shows in the buffet that is streaming.

JustWatch (free)

Available on

The most annoying thing about watching TV is picking what to watch and the most annoying thing about streaming is finding where to watch it. In walks JustWatch, an app that pretty much wants you to just watch. Like the title. JustWatch isn’t a streaming platform or hardware for a TV. Instead, JustWatch is a database where users can search for different titles and find where they are online. It also suggests titles that are similar and personalized. Desperately want to watch that obscure childhood movie at 3 am? It’s free on IMDB, included with Hulu, and $4 on AmazonPrime. So is the sequel. You’re welcome. 

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Reelgood (free)

Available for apple and android

Reelgood works similar to JustWatch but it has an even greater database. With 71 services sharing their titles, you’re able to input a movie or tv show title, and boom! Just like that, you’ve got a place to watch. Reelgood also has cool, super-specific genres: like apocalypse, time travel, and Greek, so you’ll always find exactly what you’re in the mood for.

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