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Affordable fashion that will make heads turn? That’s the goal for 2021! Check out how you can enhance your wardrobe this year while staying “super comf” with these top 5 winter fashion trends!


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Faux Fur Bucket Hats

How exciting is it when your favorite fashion trends from the past finally make a comeback? Faux fur bucket hats are hitting the fashion scene like never before and have all 90’s babies shook! ­Whether you are looking to dress casually or dress up to the nines, a faux fur bucket hat is sure to keep you on-trend this winter season. Check out sites like Boohoo, Shein,  and ASOS to purchase faux fur bucket hats at an affordable price!


Teddy Bear Two Piece Sets

If you’re searching for a look that will keep you feeling totally comfortable but looking incredibly chic, look no further because teddy bear two-piece sets are your saving grace for 2021. Kicked off by the Kardashians in early 2020, teddy bear two-piece sets have made a statement so bold that everybody is ready to hop on board the fashion trend this winter season. The best part about this trend is that this look can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your mood:

*Style Tips*

  • For A Casual Look: Pair a teddy set with your favorite shades, high rise socks and a pair of Nikes’ to run some errands in style.
  • For A Chic Lounge Look: Rock a sleek high ponytail with a dewy makeup look and some body glow to slay all of your TikTok videos.

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Statement Sleeves

Statement sleeves were all the rage this past holiday season, and they do not look like they are leaving the fashion scene anytime soon. Statement sleeves are a simple way to enhance any outfit by adding that extra flare that will sure take your look from drab to fab. Check out some of these looks that will definitely make you want to try out this super fashion forward trend in 2021.

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The frustration of covering up a well put together outfit with a jacket is now put to a halt with “shackets” hitting the fashion scene. A shacket, which is a combination of a shirt and a jacket is surfacing all over the internet and has fashionistas everywhere buzzing with excitement. The shacket is made to compliment any casual look, while also being a statement piece in and of itself.

 Some online stores that have started to share shackets on their websites include Shein, Garage Clothing, Revolve, and Free People, to name a few.


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Statement Headbands

Channel your inner Blair Waldorf this year by adding a statement headband to any ensemble. Some believe that headbands are a thing of the past, but you would be surprised how they can truly tie a look together based off the vibe you are going for. Hair accessories are also a great way to jazz up an everyday hairstyle without having to go through a major hair transformation! If you want to add a little pizzaz to an easygoing and laid-back look, add a braided or bow headband for a sweet touch. However, if you are going for a more formal look, beaded or pearl headbands add an elegant touch that will definitely compliment your style.

Statement headbands at an affordable price are easy to come by and can be found in stores like Icing, Claire’s and even on Amazon!


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