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A$AP Rocky & Kendall Jenner sporting trendy fanny packs – Image courtesy of Vogue

Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are coming back. But instead of individuals wearing them around the waist, people are throwing them over their bodies. The great thing about a fanny pack for a festival is that you can keep your belongings safe in front of you, for easy access. Fanny packs are small, convenient ways to accessorize an outfit but still maintain style and trendiness. Fanny packs were a staple in the ’80s and ’90s, and now they are coming back in the trendiest way possible. Big designer brands like Balenciaga and Gucci are even taking part. While a fanny pack can be used in everyday street style, it can also be worn at a festival. Festival crowds can be large and the chaos could cause you to lose your items. Fanny packs are the solution. They also accessorize an outfit perfectly. Celebrity style icons like A$AP Rocky and Kendall Jenner can be seen wearing them recently. You can add a fanny pack for color, as A$AP did, or even keep your outfit neutral like Kendall. Either way, you choose to wear it, this should be a staple in your festival packing. This old trend is coming back just in time for the festival season this fall and winter. The fanny packs can be styled to any outfit.


Billie Eilish rocking an outfit-matching bucket hat – Image courtesy of Spotern

Bucket Hats

Just like the fanny pack trend, bucket hats are also making an appearance in this season’s festival styles. Celebrities can be seen wearing bucket hats, and many brands are coming out with new bucket hat styles. Designers are creating more unique bucket hats to try and compete with other brands. Bucket hats can be great for festivals and add some pop to your outfit. Different companies have come out with new styles, and whether they be fuzzy bucket hats like the ones from Kangol, or even brightly colored ones, bucket hats can be the staple for any festival outfit. Whether you’re going to an EDM festival, a rap show, or an Alt-Rock concert, the bucket hat can add a twist to a simple outfit or make a dramatic outfit stand out even more. For whatever style you have, you can always add the bucket hat for a trendy take on a look. Bucket hats can also be a great addition if you don’t have time for your hair. Bucket hats are coming back as a festival staple of everyone’s festival outfit, and companies are creating stylish bucket hats that are even more unique as the months go by. The bucket hat will be a big style trend in the festival and music scene for a long time.


A fashionable denim-on-denim look – Image courtesy of WhoWhatWear


Denim-on-denim has become one of the biggest style trends to come back around again. The denim-on-denim look has become one of the most worn styles recently. Whether it’s your favorite celebrity like Hailey Bieber or just regular folks on the street, people are bringing back denim-on-denim in droves. This trend is perfect for festival season, as you can wear rock it in so many ways, whether it’s a denim jacket with jeans, denim accessories, or even different colored denim, there will always be a variety of ways to wear the style. As a result, this is the perfect style for a musical festival. So many celebrities already have been wearing the denim-on-denim look, whether it’s dressed-down or even dressed up with heels and a glam makeup look. This trend is SO versatile, and that is why it is becoming so popular again. Brands like I AM GIA have created pieces that make it easy to incorporate the denim-on-denim look for festivals. Denim-on-denim has become such a big streetwear style. This style is convertible to anyone and what their unique style is.


Dutch model Romee Strijd sporting a trendy, matching cowboy boots and leather combo – Image courtesy of CelebsFirst

Cowboy Boots/Leather

This trend has become a big one in the festival season recently, whether people are dressing this up like Romee Strijid with heels or wearing regular cowboy boots. The leather look with cowboy boots is perfect for your next festival look. Brands are coming out with eye-catching animal prints and bright colors for cowboy boots, which are helping modernize the trend. Leather is the perfect look, and especially now that it’s getting closer to winter will be perfect for the weather. Adding leather can be the perfect amount of sexy to complete any festival outfit. Leather is a timeless material that can be created to make an outfit that stands out. Going with leather pants or shorts combination with cowboy boots can create an outfit that works for any music festival, no matter the genre. Even if you’re not at a country festival, pulling these two staple fashion trends together can create an outfit that will be sure to catch attention. Not only can the leather pieces or cowboy boots be in bright neon colors or if that’s not your style, can be worn in pastel colors. The pieces also look great in any neutral colors to still be an outfit that will look amazing on everyone. This trend will always be sleek and be a great idea for a festival.


A bright, vibrant neon jumpsuit – Image courtesy of Missguided


Neons have been a huge style trend since the ’80s, but now they are coming back to take their place as one of the top trends for festivals and even in streetwear. Neons are extremely versatile. Whether it is neon pants, a bodysuit, a two-piece set, or a full neon look, neons are perfect for the music festival scene because, regardless of what type of music it is, neon is a perfect style. Wearing any neon piece can help you stand out or just add a pop of color to an outfit. While some neons may become a small piece of your outfit, these colors are being produced in every single article of clothing out there. Typically, trends like this find a way to come back around, and neon is no exception. Every single brand has been coming out with new styles of clothing in neon colors. Neon colors can be perfect for any music festival look to be added to your outfit. These colors are becoming so popular again you can find any piece of clothing in a neon color. People are also dying their hair neon colors again, or for festivals putting neon temporary dye in their roots. Just like glitter roots were big, the neon roots are becoming a big trend in the music festival style. Using temporary hair chalk can be used to create this new trendy look.

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