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Fitness in the past three years has become such a popular “trend”, more people are becoming fitness influencers and making fitness something that is cool again. More individuals are also becoming vegan, doing the ketogenic diet, trying to eat less meat or cheese, or going on different health cleanses. In stores there are wider selections of healthy options of food and people are straying away from cows’ milk rather than drinking almond milk or oat milk. While fitness has always been a positive thing, but social media is making it popular which is a good effect of the new social media trends now. Since being healthy is now a big trend, brands are creating more trendy and stylish clothing to better fit the consumer and their lifestyle. Recently there have been some amazing brands that have been created. These brands come from the United States and even Europe. The brands include Saski Collection, Gymshark, Set Active, and Balance. These brands have re-invented fitness fashion and hopping onto the trend of creating fitness to be a popular theme in everyone’s daily life.



The Saski Collection – Photo Courtesy of Depop

Saski is a fairly new luxury athletic brand created by Australian fitness influencer, Tammy Hembrow. She created this brand to re-invent the fitness lifestyle. Saski has bright colors and pastels added to pieces to make fitness stylish. The brand was created to make women feel confident when they are working out. The pieces include leggings, the biker shorts, sports bras, various other work-out clothes and loungewear with sweatpants and sweatshirts. This brand has reinvented how women look at working out, these clothes make women feel good and want to better themselves. Tammy Hembrow also has taken the world by storm through her Instagram and her fitness guides. They go hand in hand with her brand, that she can be seen wearing all throughout her workouts and Instagram posts. The clothes are not only trendy but extremely comfortable. The clothes are a bit on the high-end price side, but they are meeting the requirements of how they should feel. Not only are these clothes practical for working out, but women can also wear them in their daily life as street clothes as well. This brand truly has reinvented how women can think of fitness. The brand promotes healthy living and doing it stylishly. The clothes fit your body well and don’t leave women feeling uncomfortable to be wearing them in a gym setting. They have many options so if biker shorts may not be your style you can choose leggings or even the sweatpants. They have come out with different smaller collections like the tennis collection as well.



Gymshark Athletic Apparel – Photo Courtesy of Student Beans Blog

Gymshark is a fitness apparel brand created out of the United Kingdom. Gymshark was created in 2012 by Ben Francis and a group of his friends from high school. The brand has clothes for women and men, including accessories for both. The brand has created numerous different styles and materials for clothes. They have different collections for both genders. Gymshark has created many styles with the seamless material which has become so popular, because of how comfortable it is. Gymshark is an online-only and direct-to-consumer brand. The clothes themselves are diverse and comfortable. There are hundreds of different styles that cater to whatever style the consumer wants. Gymshark also uses a technique that connects their influencers to the consumers. This has really skyrocketed the brand to where it is now. Gymshark has pieces for everyone whether it be sports bras, leggings, sweatpants, t-shirts, hoodies and jackets, or even crop tops. The list is endless, and anyone could find clothes that would match their lifestyle. These clothes are also great for wear in normal day to day life, they can be used as streetwear even if you don’t work out. The clothes have truly re-invented fitness fashion and have become one of the biggest names in the industry. Not only do you see Gymshark all over Instagram, you see some of the biggest fitness influencers promoting this brand. The clothes can be seen worn through workout videos all over Instagram which can show how the clothes look like on real people and how flattering they are for everyone.


Set Active

Set Active Workout Gear – Photo Courtesy of Carousell

The brand Set Active was launched by Lindsey Bresnick in May of 2018. The brand has bras, leggings, biker shorts, and a basic collection. This new brand has taken off with a seamless fit which has become so popular recently. The material is made out of microfiber nylon and spandex, a completely seamless fit. The clothes are insanely comfortable and can be styled in any way. Their tops are also extremely diverse, the multiple styles they have include tank tops with one shoulder, racerback, thick straps, thin straps, and more or less coverage. The seamless material really makes this brand stand out as a new brand that is re-inventing the way fitness is being looked at. While it still is a smaller brand it will for sure be a staple in work out closets all over in no time. The great thing about Set Active is it also doesn’t need to be worn just for working out. The clothes can be used in leisure time or as streetwear. The different colors, as well as tie-dye, make this brand stand out by creating new styles. Set Active have realized how boring the normal work out clothing styles can be. The new seamless style with different cut tops makes women feel confident to wear clothes like this. Another great thing about this brand, their models are of all sizes. While working out can be something that makes us women uncomfortable, due to the “gym anxiety” or how women feel about what they wear. This brand created clothes to take away all of these negative feelings. The clothes not only fit every size, but the material is the type that fits the body well and can make everyone feel confident as they should.


Balance Athletica

Balance Athletica Activewear – Photo Courtesy of Balance Athletica

Balance Athletica is a family-owned and operated company that was created to make individuals feel good about the workout clothes they put on their bodies. The brand is for both genders and is run by two women and a man.  They have multiple collections that launch then drop occasionally. The brand also has influencers who promote the brand and the drops. Balance creates clothes that are not only trendy new styles but provide comfort for the consumer. The clothing is not only branded to one type of body type, but they also make clothes that make everyone feel confident. This brand has created new styles with different material that is suitable for working out. Many workout brands don’t create clothes that are practical for working out or even wearing in general. Balance has created pieces that cater to real consumers who are in the gym for hours a week. While the brand isn’t the cheapest, it still is affordable for everyday working people. The brand has reinvented the way fitness fashion is on social media by using big fitness influencers to promote their brand. This is an extremely smart business plan because so many fitness influencers have a loyal audience base that trusts what they promote and what they say. The clothes have many other uses other than using them for the gym, they have jackets that can be worn with jeans or shorts even. The leggings can be worn for leisure and worn around the house. The difference with their brand is that their clothes have a multitude of uses and can be worn casually for everyday life.

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