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The phrase “fashion history repeats itself” could not be truer when it comes to these hot hairstyle trends for 2020. There was a time when big hair clips and crim90s ps were a huge ’90s fashion statement. Nowadays, it looks like those same hot styles and more are making comebacks. Check out the return of these hot new hairstyles that are making waves among your favorite celebs and influencers in 2020:


Image courtesy of Kitsch

Bedazzled Hair Pins

Although hairpins were seen almost everywhere in the early 1990s they were mainly used to maintain hairstyles rather than glitz and glamour. Fast forward to 2019, and custom bedazzled hairpins are everywhere! You can find one that states your daily mood or simply wear them to add a little shine and pizazz to a simple hairdo.


Blac Chyna sports a flashy, retro-looking finger wave ‘do – Image courtesy of Hype Hair

Finger Waves

When some people think of finger waves, they’re reminded of soft 1920’s glam, and a time when flappers would do “The Charleston” during the Harlem Renaissance. Fast forward to 2019, and finger waves are everywhere; no Charleston dance necessary. Back in the 1920s, finger waves were created with wet hair and tons of hair gel. However, modern finger waves can be crafted with nothing more than a small curling iron, a comb, and some quality hairspray.


Jennifer Lopez shows off this amazing, extra-long look – Image courtesy of Yahoo

EXTRA Long Hair

Bobs have been a trend season after season, from blunt cut bobs, curly bobs, to asymmetrical bobs, we’ve seen it all. Fast forward to 2019, and the bob look is still in style, but its opposite counterpart just might have come along for some competition. Many celebs are turning into modern-day Rapunzels, wearing hair as long as 30 inches or more, and we can’t help but wonder if there’s a Prince Charming coming along for the climb. This look is pretty simple to achieve if you’re not already blessed with lengthy locks. All you have to do is buy some extensions that are 30 inches or longer, and you’re good to go. Some celebs even wear extensions as long as 40 inches!


Always a trendsetter, Beyonce has played a huge role in the return of crimping – Image courtesy of Marie Claire Australia


The last time you probably heard of a crimped hairstyle was most likely in the mid -to late-90’s, or maybe even the ’80s. Crimped hair is pretty much the opposite of flowing beach curls, and requires some freeze spray to keep the hair in place. Fast forward to 2019, and you can spot crimps on your favorite celebs including Beyoncé, Gabrielle Union, and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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