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Did you miss the live stream ‘4 the Scene’?  This event was a live stream that took place on GoodTV on March 5thand 6th. It was a two-day event educating about consent in nightlife and raising funds for a nonprofit organization called Four4Consent donation link here. With all of the disturbing stories coming out about sexual violence within the music industry lately (especially within the EDM community), it’s time to work on solutions.

The Four 4 Consent project was built upon the foundational teachings of bar outreach regarding drug and alcohol facilitated sexual violence. This knowledge of prevention and awareness created the framework to develop a set of curriculum that could be applied to music venues, and festivals alike.

Accredited guest speakers and artists spoke in between sets to further inform viewers on:

  • Ways to engage peers appropriately
  • Tips to identify situations as bystanders before they become harmful
  • How to clearly ask for consent
  • How to support friends that may be survivors
  • Proposing ways that nightlife can create safer, inclusive environments

***We want to focus on solutions not recall traumatic encounters***


Some artists that were on this lineup are individuals that are advocates, survivors, and people that represent inclusivity within the scene. Top names for this event include DJ Heather, Miss Dre, and Worthy.

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