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Attending a festival can be an experience that allows people to escape everyday life. People go to festivals to discover themselves, as well as to break out and enjoy being who they truly are without fear of judgment from others. There are plenty of festivals in the world, but here are three of the most incredible, life-changing music festival experiences currently available:




Coachella – Image courtesy of MixMag Asia

Located in Indio, California, the acclaimed Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival is one of the most sought-out music festivals for music aficionados of all tastes and walks of life. Anyone who is anyone can be found at this annual event; huge names like Kendall Jenner, Vanessa Ann Hudgens, and even Justin Bieber are yearly mainstays. This festival takes place over the course of two weekends, but between the performance line-up, the production quality, and the hype associated with the event, tickets for Coachella consistently sell out within minutes. With over five stages, and iconic headliners like Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Prince, Paul McCartney, Rage Against the Machine, and Gorillaz, Coachella has the ability to draw in any sort of music lover, with massive names from the worlds of Hip-Hop, Rock, EDM, and Pop all consistently well-represented. And since Coachella draws in so many famous people, you truly never know who might show up on the stage. For example, the year Beyonce headlined, she brought out Kelly and Michelle from Destiny’s Child for a highlighted reunion moment that had never been seen before and in all likelihood never will be again. Similarly, Ariana Grande actually brought N*SYNC out during her headlining set for a “reunion tour”. Being located in California makes it easy for these kinds of once-in-a-lifetime collaborations to work out, and the excitement and anticipation of more exclusive moments like these always keep the fans of Coachella coming back for more.



Electric Forest

Electric Forest – Image courtesy of Mix 24/7 EDM

Held annually in Rothbury, Michigan in June, Electric Forest is the perfect place to escape reality and travel to a whole new world, filled with nature, art, and entertainment. This festival has undergone some major transformations over the last ten years, going from a predominantly jam band-centric festival to a thriving, well-known showcase of electronic music, thanks in part to getting large-scale music event promoter Insomniac involved in talent investments. Easily one of the most popular festivals among the electronic music community, Electric Forest manages to sell out every year without fail. One of the best elements of this festival is that the forest itself is a perfect place to get lost in. There are secret sets, a silent disco, comedy shows, and a wide array of different, interactive art installations to explore, like a frontier-style trading post, where you can trade something you’re done with or tired of for something new and random, or the mail post, where you can send postcards out to yourself or somebody else. Electric Forest is so massive and unique that you can go again and again for years and still not see everything the experience has to offer. Once you go once, you will forever want to keep going back.



EDC Las Vegas

EDC Las Vegas – Image courtesy of KTNV

Located at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on the outskirts North Las Vegas, Electric Daisy Carnival takes over the city each May as one of the largest festivals in the world. Coordinated by Insomniac events, EDC Las Vegas is like the Super Bowl of EDM festivals. Top DJs from all over the world come to play on one of seven separate event stages. This festival is the perfect intersection between carnivals and concerts: You can find rides, music, and a wide variety of games, but what truly makes the EDC Las Vegas experience unique is that the festival itself runs from 7 PM to 7 AM, meaning the show doesn’t kick off until after sundown, and the party keeps going until the early morning hours. This festival truly encapsulates everything that is Las Vegas, so if you enjoy Vegas, you’ll be sure to love this festival!

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