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By Caitlin Stiles


Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching, and I don’t know about you, but it’s time to kick our feet up. The unofficial start to summer is a good time to relax and spend quality time with the people we love and appreciate what we have, especially in the crazy time of 2021. Why think of anything you might need? We got you.

Relax, rewind, regroup. Here are 10 products to help you do just that.

1. Boozy Tea and Botanicals

Owl’s Brew is an innovative company that launched tea as cocktails – you heard that right – in a refreshing seltzer that is perfect for unwinding on Memorial Day weekend. Great for both parties and on your own, this drink boasts all-natural and fair trade-sourced ingredients. Our choice? The white tea, raspberry, and watermelon. Sip up!

2. Where the Grass is Green and the Girls Are Pretty by Lauren Weisberger

Speaking of Owl’s Brew, the company just launched a boozy book club. Creative, right? We don’t necessarily think of books with summer and cocktails, but catching up with a good book while sipping a tea cocktail sounds like the life to us. The author of The Devil Wears Prada and When Life Gives You Lululemons brings us a book about sisters, and the lie that brings their lives crashing down.

3. Shiseido SunCare Lotion

Chances are, this Memorial Day weekend, you’re going to catch some sun. Shiseido brings those of us ready for summer some serious protection – the best being Ultimate Sun Protector SPF 50+ Sunscreen that boasts “a protective veil that becomes even more effective in heat and water.” Bonus? It has a citrus scent, lovely in the pool or in your backyard. Another one? The formula is free of oxybenzone and octinoxate, protecting our oceans.

4. Sunbasket Meal Kits

Why cook this Memorial Day when you can have pre-prepped meal kits delivered straight to your door? Sunbasket is a great choice because all of its ingredients are organic and come in eco-friendly boxes – no guilt required. The rainbow quinoa-black bean tacos with guacamole and cabbage slaw as well as the tempeh falafel lettuce cups with Kalamata olives and pickled onions are great choices. There’s plenty to feel good about with these kits!

5. Ruffle Over the Shoulder One Piece Swimsuit

Everything But Water brings a classically beautiful swimsuit perfect for the pool or the beach, and it’s certain to draw more than a few glances. From the Lauren Ralph Lauren collection, this swimsuit covers all your bases, while bringing the fashion at the same time. Everything But Water is a company that is constantly raising awareness to save our oceans while donating proceeds and examining their own sustainability. You can’t go wrong!

6. The Smocked Maxi Dress

This super cute sundress doubles as a cover-up for your swimsuit, brought by Summersalt. A company that prides itself in body awareness and claims to have measured 10,000 different women, Summersalt designed its clothing to be travel and comfort friendly. Summersalt also uses recycled materials for fabric and product packaging!

7. Coffee or Die Medium Roast

Look, Memorial Day still needs a good cup of joe to start us up in the morning for our day of relaxing activities. What’s special about Black Rifle Coffee Company is that it is veteran-owned and run, and they are constantly giving back to the military and veteran-related causes. It’s important to remember where Memorial Day started and sipping a coffee that has made waves in the food and beverage industry never hurts.

8. Spikeball

Lawn games are the perfect way to bring in Memorial Day weekend and summer, and not having to go anywhere. Nothing has made waves quite like Spikeballit is the best rating and best-selling lawn game out there. A combination of volleyball and foursquare, the game involves the entire family – and friends too, why not? Equal parts competitive and recreational, Spikeball can make hours pass by easily.

9. The Game of Life

For something a bit more toned down and not so outdoorsy, there’s nothing quite like a classic. The Game of Life from Hasbro Gaming has been around for ages, and for good reason. It’s a game that satisfies all ages and all types and can be opened up in the living room with snacks and beverages in hand. Tried and true, it’s a great alternative to Spikeball.

10. Cooling Bamboo Weighted Blanket

At the end of Memorial Day weekend and a full day of activities, the ultimate form of relaxation is under a weighted blanket. Proven to increase serotonin and sleep levels, weighted blankets are a lifesaver in this day and age. The only problem is the heat of summer – and Luna has a solution to that. This blanket is cool to the touch and thermo-regulating, so you never get too hot while relaxing. Of course, Luna uses organic and eco-friendly materials, making this a great choice to end Memorial Day.

Memorial Day has plenty of options for a long weekend of relaxation and rejuvenation. The long weekend helps us bring in the summer, and take a day of remembrance for those who fought for it to be possible. What are your must-haves for Memorial Day weekend? How do you plan to relax?


Caitlin Stiles is a Colorado State University graduate with a passion for all things involving the written word, beauty, and coffee. She can often be found frequenting coffee and tea shops, working on her novels and short stories, and playing with the latest makeup trend. She resides in Fort Collins with two cats.

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