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By: Kayla Faught


Pandemic got you down? Many of us who struggle with mental health and wellness issues have had those intensified by the isolation and uncertainty of our current times. If you have wanted to just lay down and feel better, the MiHIGH Blanket may help.


The MiHIGH Blanket is an infrared sauna in the comfort of your own home (extra points during a pandemic!). This blanket uses infrared technology to heat your body temperature, simulating exercise, helping create a better sleep schedule, and getting you to relax. 

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The benefit of stimulating exercise is that this product helps trick your brain into releasing endorphins, or “happy chemicals”. Endorphins can help combat hormonal imbalances that are happening in your brain in the same way taking a walk or getting to the gym can, without having to leave your bed. This can be life-changing, I know when I have hard days, getting up and moving is the last thing I want to do. Being able to reap the benefits of exercise with minimal effort is a game-changer. 


Not only will your body chemistry react, but it can also help improve your sleep as well. When you do not have enough sleep, or your sleep pattern is irregular, it can worsen symptoms of some mental wellness concerns. Utilizing this tool can help you get back to a healthy sleep pattern, and help alleviate some of your symptoms that are aggravated by lack of sleep. 


The MiHIGH Blanket also promotes relaxation and mindfulness. It is recommended that you use it for about 30 minutes to an hour per session. This can help reduce stress, which is a signal to our body to stay on high alert and often intensifies mental wellness matters. You can use the time you spend in the MyHigh blanket to do any number of self-care rituals that make you feel better, from watching reality tv to doing a guided meditation.


Taking care of yourself can be hard, and when you are struggling, it can become even more important and difficult. The MiHIGH infrared sauna blanket, in combination with your current treatment, can help your mental wellness. 


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