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Décor is not just for the home anymore! Many of today’s workplaces are crafting their office environments to not only be spacious and comfortable, but aesthetically pleasing as well. Here are just a few of the more prominent examples:


While this office space is very simplistic in its design, it offers a clean space with an open setting. The corporate world today requires a structure such as this one. This setup easily allows for presentations and group discussions.


Unlike the first room above, this selection gives options to those with a limited amount of space. The small cubicle rooms create a setting ideal for multiple independent workers. The small room setups occupy all available space with only a desk, one chair, and a TV.


This incredibly modern office space provides a multitude of different styles all mashed into one. The open floor plan gives off an inviting feeling, which is compounded by the round tables and white floors. This work environment offers space for groups to discuss important tasks comfortably. The color scheme ranges from white to deep, dark browns, offering ambiance in a professional setting.


In the fast-moving world of technology, it is imperative to have as much creative flow as possible. With an open, wall-free floor plan like this one, creative juices can truly percolate. The environment enables co-workers to communicate freely with one another in an efficient manner. The chic, factory-esque décor exudes “cool” as well.


Though this setup may appear quite childish and unrealistic on the surface to some, for others it is the complete opposite. The name “Idea Box” literally says it all. The chalkboard walls allow for the free, unstructured flow of thoughts and ideas, allowing workers to express themselves in a manner of their choosing. This kind of innovative freedom of thought creates an innovative environment that can encourage employees to contemplate new approaches, and in so doing, reach new heights.


This beautiful wooden workspace, which is the Emeryville Headquarters office for Clif Bar & Company, is 75,000 square feet and spares no expense in terms of individuality or flair. To coincide with their reputation as a healthy, environmentally conscious and active brand, they have dangled bicycles from the ceiling all over the building. This serves to not only instill a feeling or idea about how the brand thinks but also to encourage employees to be forward-thinking in a manner compatible with the brand’s overall message.


This palatial setup, the home office of Troutman Sanders in Atlanta, offers a picturesque look into modern workplace elegance. The varying shades of gray and marble tones provide a consistent, professional look that inspires cleanliness and organization. At 172,808 square feet, this contemporary design, while neither colorful nor over-the-top, is still undeniably beautiful.


Located in Paris, France, the amazing PwC Experience Center offices feature a variety of styles and modern designs. A modern workplace staple, plants are used liberally to evoke a sense of nature. This workplace is especially unique in its use of stone architecture, giving it an older, classical vibe, while added lighting and new, modern furniture give other rooms a more modern feel. This 18,578 square foot workspace was created by Vincent Gloria Architects as a place where creative energy can truly flow.


This amazing, dusky look belongs to the home offices of Haldia Petrochemicals & TCG in Mumbai. At 11,000 square feet, this office provides a contemporary feel mixed with an ultra-modern, futuristic design. The ceiling lighting is particularly unique and helps this space stand out among a sea of interesting modern workspaces.


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