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Start the New Year, With a New Empowering Habit!

By: Tahiry Sanchez
Editor: Hannah Muehlberger

We have all experienced that one moment where we open our relatively full closets or drawers and still think “I have nothing to wear”. Truly, that saying could be overly dramatic. But certainly, the majority of us cannot easily go to the mall and pick up a whole new outfit, due to the time and money necessary to do so. So, why not become a Closet Editor?

The Home Edit Dividers

Closet Editing can be beneficial in so many ways, but it does come with a few steps to make it efficient. For starters, one must be willing to make time to create. Editing is all about paying attention to detail and that can be time-consuming and tedious. Some people may have the ability to edit their closet in one day, and others might prefer to stretch it a little longer. Whichever way you go, time and decision-making are two of the most valuable elements of it all. With that, Closet Editing comes with a variety of important questions that can guide us to become the next Closet Editing expert.

Elfa Storage Bins

What do you keep?

What do you throw?

Do you see yourself with this item a few years from now?

How can you style it differently?

Do you have multiple versions of the same item?

Does it fit?

Can you redesign something on the item?

Does it still reflect your personal style?

Do you use it a lot?

Elfa Storage Bins

These questions can drastically give your closet a new vibe. Creating new clothing capsules that have been seen to be the new trend of 2021. Clothing capsules will help you stay caught up with the current trends while bringing out your creative side. But your creativity does not need to stop there. Another important step to closet editing is paying attention to storage as well as how you could use different storage utilities to give your closet space an extra touch of creativity and style. Brands like Home-Edit, whose aesthetic is a clear, clean look to visibly see all your products stored in shelves and closet space. Then there is Elfa, which uses neutral colors for their storage units and gives more settled and non-visible attention to what is stored in your bins, for a more private look. Next, we have Farmhouse who’s aesthetic has a cozy feature to its bins and storage accessories. This is great to give your closet space a more mature and sophisticated look. So, you can say you hit two birds with one stone and make both your new outfits and closet have a whole new style to them. The best benefit that many have seen using closet editing is that it is easy to stay on a budget and that it is not necessary to empty your wallet to look chic. It has also brought fellow fashionistas to embrace themselves in figuring out what they like and don’t like and knowing their personality traits. This process also gives an easy flow in one’s personal space of their closet and knowing exactly where things are and what they have laying around. Thus, creating a closet where each item will be accessible to wear and not forgotten. It unquestionably becomes the new feng shui of many men and women. So, will you be the next closet editing expert?

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