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A constant innovator who has carved out an entire identity from marching to the beat of his own drum, Dan Bilzerian, a “Hugh Hefner-esque” figure for the modern age, has not coasted on his social media success, with the launch and rapid growth of two new brands just over the last calendar year: Ignite, a CBD brand, and Alister for Men, a male grooming line.

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A unique individual whose social media tactics can probably best be described as “shock and awe”, Bilzerian credits gambling and poker as the main source of his millions, which fund his raucous lifestyle. Having risen to prominence as a result of his Instagram content, which showcases beautiful women with minimal clothes, stacks of cash, automatic weapons, private jets, adrenaline-chasing, and exclusive venues, Bilzerian’s “brand” is essentially affluence, superfluousness, and “I’m doing what you wish you could be doing”. And despite the surface-level obnoxiousness, the success of Bilzerian’s marketing strategies speaks for itself.

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Bilzerian went on to create Ignite, a line of cannabis and CBD products, which he promotes through a large roster of attractive models and influencers, typically dressed in Ignite bikinis. His newest entrepreneurial venture, Alister for Men, is creating men’s grooming products that are vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and paraben-free. The products are infused with “proprietary active ingredient Pheroboost™, a bold blend of seductive pheromone boosters that adjust to your body’s chemistry to enhance the production of natural pheromones, helping to increase your power of physical attraction and stepped-up confidence.”

The Alister for Men Grooming Line – Image courtesy of The Spa Insider

Per this recent article from Entrepreneur, Bilzerian’s Ignite brand stock has absolutely taken off since inception, leading to an examination of what it isBilzerian is doing to achieve such levels of instantaneous success. His lavish parties always bring a large crowd of lingerie-clad women from all over, big-name, A-list celebrities, many successful wealthy LA-centric individuals, and of course plentiful quantities of food, alcohol, and CBD/THC products.

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Bilzerian’s massive, sprawling Bel Air estate (which he is currently leasing) has multiple floors, and every inch of the estate is always packed during parties. Getting into a Dan Bilzerian party is not an easy task. Attending one, however, has been described by some as “the experience of a lifetime”.

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Whether you’re getting to see Cardi B perform at the Valentine’s Day party, or Carnage and Diplo at the Halloween party, Bilzerian seemingly is incapable of going halfway with anything.

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Most recently, the multi-millionaire notably dropped $1 million in cash on Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone to beat Conor McGregor at Las Vegas’s UFC 246, a fight which saw McGregor finish Cowboy off in under 40 seconds. Bilzerian immediately took to Instagram, referring to the million he had just squandered as “pocket change” while holding up a zip-lock bag full of coins to emphasize his point.

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By acting utterly unfazed by the million-dollar loss, Bilzerian only succeeded in furthering his “playboy” image. The self-styled “King of Instagram” has truly managed to create a brand identity that resonates with everyone, for better or worse. By marketing his products with beautiful girls, big, over-the-top antics, and gestures of flamboyant affluence, Bilzerian has managed to successfully project a brand identity that makes critics and fans alike feel an obligation to check in on him and see what he has been up to.

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Followers of Bilzerian either want to be him, want to hang out with him, or want to punch him, and you get the sense that the man himself does not much care one way or another. He has carved out a virtual empire despite it all. And the throne, at least for the foreseeable future, is his.

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