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Faena Hotel Beach Miami Swim Week 2021!

By July 16, 2021No Comments

By: Tahiry Sanchez

It’s time to head outside! The sun is shining and the temperature is increasing. We can’t tell you how happy we are that the seasons are changing and now it’s time to find the perfect swimsuit. Stunning bikinis are a summer necessity, and there are a variety of designs to fit any summer mood, whether you’re on vacation or just relaxing in your backyard. During Miami Swim Week at the Faena Hotel Miami Beach, models displayed amazing styles like high-waisted briefs, bright bikinis, and 1970s-inspired one-pieces. However, it was the unexpected return of ‘textures’ at Miami Swim Week last week, with industry-leading designers like Natalia Fedner, Matte Collection, and Hale Bob, to name a few, being the muse of this popular runway show. These are the top 10 designers that presented us inspiration for the summer of 2021 swimwear go-to pieces.

Natalia Fedner

Known for her couture looks, this summer she got inspired by the idea that a “bikini” can be both a look and a function. Her vision of swimwear being more of a statement piece made many turn heads on the runway. Her boldness to use out-of-the-box materials, like metal, made her vision on the runway stand out. She wants to inspire women to be confident, chic and for everyone to notice them. Fedner’s designs were sure to be noticed by the one and only VOGUE and now can show off her talent with celebrities like Charlize Theron reaching out to wear her one-of-a-kind pieces.

Matte Collection

Matte Collection was untaken for granted in this amazing show. The inspiration as stated by Justina. W “came from bright colors, lots of water, and embracing natural textures.” This was observed on their pieces, from full-body suits to two-piece glamorous creations. The color scheme felt so vibrant and perfect and envisioned the ideal summer vibe that we have long been awaiting. Colors like royal blue, light blue, white, and browns created the perfect combo of brightness. With Matte’s collection, each piece was seen to be true to every differing body’s figure and curves.

Lila Nikole

Another top designer of Miami Swim week was the amazing Lila Nikole. This collection gave us a sense of mix and match colors. She created an illusion of tie-dye and bright boldness all over her collection. It was so effectively displayed and made each swimwear piece look so symmetrical that it just simply fit. She made the basic bikini, have a whole new look and aesthetic that was relatable to so many different types of gals. The carnival theme was a top favorite and Lila can applaud herself for creating such a memorable collection.

Hale Bob

Hale Bob gave swimwear a whole new vibe with a sexy sophisticated aesthetic. Color schemes ranged from white to light blues, to light pinks and yellows. This collection gave such a mellow, yet fun vibe. The colors communicated a peaceful feeling to this collection that it is easy to picture yourself relaxing by the beach in these swimsuits. These pieces became more of attire statements that did not show much skin, yet you’d feel so sexy in them. With loose boho-chic pants, long summer dresses, and skirts that are so flowy and comfortable to wear on those hot summer days.


Print, print, and more print, that was the inspiration of CAMILLA’s collection in this year’s Miami Swimwear Week. The vibe that was seen in this collection was how the perfect design fit the perfect print. CAMILLA did not disappoint and anyone with a sassy personality would love to rock this collection. It had a mixture of color schemes that while still were contrasting, still had a cohesive connection to each other. It was fun, playful, and sexy all at once.

Black Tape Project

Different and unique is what was seen in Black Tape Project’s collection. Although it is not your typical swimwear fashion look, it had a statement to be said. With the collection being unique and bold, this added to an already memorable collection. And though it was a collection that many were not expecting, the designs were breathtaking due to the designer bringing out so much creativity and a different take on swimwear.


You needed sunglasses for this summer swimwear collection! This neon-bright AUDE collection brought the color schemes of neon pinks, green and yellow walking down the runway. Colorful kimonos matching with two-piece swimsuits gave a young and fresh look to this collection.

Luxe Isle

Luxe Isle gave us a taste of glamour and a goddess feel with their collection. The color scheme was touched with metallic colors and was outstandingly beautiful. It was super sexy, and each piece hugged the body in the right places. You saw the confidence the models had wearing this collection and how breathtaking it was.

Manish Vaid

Gender equality was expressed heavily in Manish Vaid’s collection. Inspiring looks for both men and women were emphasized. Colors and styles were displayed were made for it any age and aesthetic. The collection created an atmosphere of confidence and showing off your body in so many different styles and looks on the runway. This collection felt diverse and had such an appeal that made you want to wear each piece presented.


Berry Beachy and Papi Swim

Berry Beachy and Papi Swim gave us skin and more skin. The whole collection had the word sexy written all over. It made you want to go to Miami and party it up at the pool. The collection had designs that showed us body and skin, making you look hot and sexy. The colors fit every skin type, and it was amazing to see designs for both men and women. One-shoulder bikinis came in almost every design and color imaginable, in a variety of thicknesses, and with a variety of bottom styles. This season, the fun trend is essential for channeling enhanced minimalism since it adds an immediate edge that isn’t excessively fashionable.

This list is for you if you’re dead bent on wearing bikinis this season. We previously conducted a deep dive on the top swim brands and one-piece swimsuits to shop this season, but if you’re dead keen on rocking bikinis, this is the list for you. From classic shapes to eye-catching embellishments, we’ve broken down ten major trends you’ll be seeing everywhere soon. There’s a selection for you on this list no matter which way your beach mood board is heading.








(Photo’s by Arun Nevader/Getty Images for Art Hearts Fashion)

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