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The Experience Kit by MiHIGH!

By October 18, 2021No Comments

The Ultimate Experience MiHigh Brings Right to Our Home!

By: Tahiry Sanchez 
Editor: Hannah Muehlberger

Right now everyone is experiencing some level of stress due to their job, personal issues, or something in between. We all want that one-of-a-kind experience to help us unwind and alleviate stress. Saunas are an excellent method to achieve that relaxed lifestyle. Saunas, after all, are claimed to relieve stress, improve cardiovascular health, and perhaps lower blood pressure. Many people have avoided going to new saunas or spas because of the still prevalent Covid-19. However, in these critical times, we need to have something at home that doesn’t require too much effort and something better than a hot bath.

The Experience Kit : The perfect compliment for your infrared sauna experience.

MiHigh did just that; with their Experience Kit, “The perfect complement for your infrared sauna experience.” The sauna blanket from MiHigh is exactly that: a blanket that also serves as a sauna. Consider sinking your teeth into a massive Hot Pocket. You lie cocooned in a warm sleeping bag, wrapping it around your chest and gripping the velcro flaps tight. For easy storage, it folds up like a blanket. It may be scattered on a bed or placed on any flat surface that can take the heat. The heat setting ranges from 95 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Infrared heat is 7x more detoxifying than regular heat. The interior is polyurethane with a waterproof liner to prevent sweat from soaking the remainder of the bag.

Kit Includes: 1x premium material blanket, 3x microfibre towels, 1x spray bottle, and 1x headband .

When initially opening the packaging, the inside feels and smelled like a fresh new product. The bundle comes with three microfiber towels to wipe away any sweat. For optimal water absorption and drying, this is a combination of microfiber cloth and drying time. Antibacterial protection has also been provided in the form of silver ions. The set also includes a spray bottle for cleaning the blanket after each usage. This bottle allows you to achieve optimum spray coverage when washing your blanket by using a continuous spray motion. There’s also a soft headband provided, allowing you to read, watch TV, or meditate without becoming sweaty. A blend of cotton and spandex is used for a sweat-wicking and one-size-fits-all stretch.

The Perfect Home Essential.

The Experience Kit from MiHigh is the ideal holiday present or even a go-to package for yourself, for whatever the situation is. It includes all the must-dos for a relaxing time that we all require! The MiHigh’s experience is most ideal for those who have joint aches or blood pressure concerns that a sauna may help with. This could be a method to ease some of the suffering without having to risk traveling to a public facility during a pandemic.

The Experience Kit

All Included!


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