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According to DenGarden:

Any garden will look beautiful with this top 10 list.

Google them if you are still unsure.

Long Bloom, Good Health, Ease of Growing

  1. Coreopsis verticillata
  2. Campanula glomerata
  3. Hemerocallis
  4. Chrysanthemum, cushion type
  5. Siberian Irises
  6. Echinacea, the Coneflower
  7. Peonies
  8. Achillea filipendulina
  9. Hostas
  10. Rudbeckia fulgens

These are all Perennials. These plants will have you looking like a garden pro.

Good Things:

They come back year after year (with proper care).

Perennial blooming plants often have substantial form.

There are choices for every climate and every garden growing condition.

There is less work for most perennials than for biennials or annual flowers.

They will multiply in proper growing conditions.

Bad Things:

They have a specific season of bloom.

They do need dividing, fertilizing, and other care.

You do need to plant the right plant in the right place (creates a learning curve)

The plants take time to “settle in”, and produce the desired effect.

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