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Homeboy Industrie 2023 Lo Máximo Awards

By: Tahiry Sanchez
Editor: Hannah Muehlberger

The largest gang rehabilitation and re-entry program in the world, Homeboy Industries, held its Live event in a prominent location at the J.W. Marriott in Los Angeles. Homeboy Industrie held its 2023 Lo Máximo Awards and Fundraising celebration on Saturday, April 29th. The gala honored the brave people who came to Homeboy Industries and bravely forged new futures as well as the extraordinary people who have dedicated their lives and work to giving back. It was co-hosted by award-winning actor and activist Jane Fonda and her longtime friend and co-star, actress Lily Tomlin. On the red carpet, recipients were joined by close friends and longtime supporters of the organization.

At this year’s gala, there were several notable individuals that perform significant roles for Homeboy Industries. Sergio Basterrechea, who arrived at Homeboy when he was 15 years old, was one of the Lo Máximo recipients. Despite the numerous difficulties Sergio had in his adolescence, he is now committed to his recovery and having a constructive influence on the world. He started working at God’s Pantry, a nonprofit that works to reach vulnerable people by giving them a second shot at life because he is passionate about advancing the common good. Sergio has played a key role in creating services and initiatives to meet the needs of the neighborhood.

The unique Homeboy Kinship Award was given to Lisa Ling, a well-known journalist, television host, and novelist who attended the event. She is an engaging journalist who shares information and tales about communities, individuals, and topics that are rarely discussed. Since Lisa is at her core a storyteller, she has a strong connection to the topics, private lives, and settings she has explored during her career. She listens to those who have been marginalized and learns about them before sharing their tales with us, whether it be about the mental health crisis, interracial marriage, alcoholism and heroin addiction, or jailed dads. She speaks up for social justice, criminal justice reform, restorative practices and groups, and the AAPI community.

Lisa Ling attends Homeboy Industries’ 2023

Now, Robert K. Ross, M.D., president and chief executive officer of The California Endowment, who oversees a private, statewide health foundation that supports underserved communities and advocates for a healthier California and a healthier America, also received other awards, such as the Homeboy 2023 Community Award. 

Undoubtedly, the Homeboy Industries 2023 Lo Máximo Awards ceremony was fantastic. The job they are doing is incredible. The nonprofit organization welcomes about 8,000 individuals seeking assistance and support each year. 10,000 more people attend as tourists to take in the wonderful mutuality of the community. For those active in gangs and previously jailed adults and adolescents, Homeboy offers a reintegration program with an international reputation that focuses on complex trauma recovery. Through its 11 social businesses, Homeboy Industries offers exceptional employment opportunities and comprehensive, all-encompassing social services. Homeboy Industries offers therapeutic services and alternatives to gang activity, fostering more welcoming, secure, and healthy communities.

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